My Favorite Month

My favorite month ? I will say December for various reasons, all centered on the holiday season. Even though it can be stressful, there is a certain excitement and anticipation throughout the month. I enjoy walking around, looking at stuff in stores and observing the people; there is way too much commercialization but still it … Continue reading My Favorite Month

My Idea of a Perfect Sunday

That would be church early morning or Saturday evening followed a by a massive manly breakfast; bacon, eggs, etc. bring it on ! After  breakfast loiter in the mall a while and then to Barnes and Noble for the remaining hours of the afternoon.... Typically I don't have the massive manly breakfast and I often … Continue reading My Idea of a Perfect Sunday

Give up meat !

Absolutely not ! The reason being that I really like eating meat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good too but nothing beats meat ! I will agree however that we eat too much meat; it would be better for our health and the environment to cut back on the meat....