Living without Facebook…..

Some ideas and commentary on slowing down, turning away from the hustle and noise to reflect and pay attention to what's important..... Walled-in: Life Without Facebook : zenhabits. Seventeen months ago, I deleted my Facebook account — not just deactivated it, but fully deleted it — and the relief was tremendous.

Mindful Social Networking…..

Mindful Social Networking | Mindful  Enter the social network. Is it the greatest tool for connection and camaraderie the world has ever seen? Or is it a dangerous time-suck, isolating us in bubbles of anxious voyeurism? Well, it's both.....

Don’t tweet it, do it !

Social Networking For People Who Hate Small Talk - Psychology Today | Don't tweet it, do it ! If you're tweeting what you're doing, you're not giving the task at hand your full attention like you should.....

A Survival Guide for Beating Information Addiction :zenhabits

A Survival Guide for Beating Information Addiction :zenhabits | Some pertinent ideas from Leo. Remind you of anyone you know ? Are you suffering from information addiction? It’s a growing problem as people spend more and more of their time online — and while online tools are amazing, being addicted to checking them can steal most … Continue reading A Survival Guide for Beating Information Addiction :zenhabits

tumbling in cyberspace….

I discovered a new blogging platform called Tumblr which is a quick and easy way to share stuff on the web.  It's sort of a hybrid of blogging,social networking, and bookmarking. In general tumble blogs emphasise pictures and quotations. I started tumblr blog here... - preventing an online identity crisis - since 2006 - Profilactic is a social media aggregator/lifestreaming service that pulls together just about everything you and your friends create online. Looks like an interesting site and a useful concept, but that name !!!