dark knight – Google Search

dark knight - Google Search - We watched this last night. The special effects are awsome and the plot is multi-facted and detailed.  The point I got from it is that the "good guys" are more similar to the bad guys than we would like to beleive.

some videos….

Some good videos via email from Smitty.... Needle Sized Art - fascinating tiny detailed sculptures. Kim Komando’s Video of the Day » Blog Archive » The amazing Lyrebird - this bird mimics other birds and anything else it hears. Know Jack Schitt - a little twisted humour.

vintage television…

YouTube - Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance - This is pretty cool, I had nearly forgotten about Red Skelton ! I remember watching him on TV when I was a little kid. Read some related linkage: Golden Age of Television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and here.