the internet encourages social isolation is not necessarily true

More than 50 percent of Internet users who live with a spouse and at least one child go online with another person at least a few times a week, the survey found. Asked about the impact of new technologies, 47 percent said they have increased the quality of communication between family members, and the same … Continue reading the internet encourages social isolation is not necessarily true

P2P lending

Kiva - Loans that change lives This is a way for ordinary people to make small loans to small business entrepreneurs in the US and in other countries. I like the concept of individuals being able to lend to other individuals, bypassing the big business financial predators. Microfinance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Prosper: The … Continue reading P2P lending


In my web surfing today I did a search on Google for "virtual worlds" and while looking at some of the items listed I came across the term "web3.0" Curious how that differs from web2.0. I shall have to investigate later. Here are some links to get started... virtual worlds - Google Search WEB3.0 - … Continue reading web3.0


I had an easy day at work today, completed a couple spreadsheets and packed a couple boxes of files. This evening we went out for dinner and then to the mall: me, Sweetous, Piglette, and Mike. As old as I am and with my extensive experience with females, I should have known better than to … Continue reading friday… ...a social bookmarking website for the Bible. Sort of like but I think it needs some tweaking 'cause it's a little awkward to use. Or perhaps it's not awkward at all and I just have to learn more about how it works. I signed up for it, so I will soon find out. … Continue reading