Tree of Life….

Tree of Life.... The Tree of Life Web Project is a collection of information about biodiversity compiled collaboratively by hundreds of expert and amateur contributors. Its goal is to contain a page with pictures, text, and other information for every species and for each group of organisms, living or extinct. Connections between Tree of Life web … Continue reading Tree of Life….

Living without Facebook…..

Some ideas and commentary on slowing down, turning away from the hustle and noise to reflect and pay attention to what's important..... Walled-in: Life Without Facebook : zenhabits. Seventeen months ago, I deleted my Facebook account — not just deactivated it, but fully deleted it — and the relief was tremendous.

Internet of things…..

Closer to One: Buddhism and The Internet of Things | Bonnier AB. In a very near future there will be an invisible web linking together human beings, physical objects and their virtual representations in an information network.