Drove to Bedford and back to retrieve my grandson; he's going to stay here a few days. Anyway, had both toddler grandsons at the house this afternoon. and now I'm right tired.....

Saturday morning….

Spent lots of money last night and this morning: new tires for the Element, large load of groceries at Wal-Mart, and just finished paying bills. Wish I could hang on to my money longer. Oh well, at least I got all that taken care of....

The week has been a whirlwind; finished up some jobs and just when I thought things would slow down, we got a bunch of new claims to do. So I brought some work home. I copied and lengthy list from a pdf to a spreadsheet and now lots of line by line cutting and pasting … Continue reading

an update….

LB came over this morning and made us all breakfast, a very manly breakfast:  giant omlette, bacon, rolls ! Very good. Then LB and Sweetous went shopping, and  I did also, but not with them. I got some dog food and then went to the mall. I got Sweetous a Christmas  gift. The gift that keeps on … Continue reading an update….