Gutenberg the Geek…..

finished Gutenberg the Geek (Kindle Single) by Jeff Jarvis #Kindle — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) March 12, 2012 Amazon Kindle: A Highlight and Note by Dennis Reasinger from Gutenberg the Geek (Kindle Single) Johannes Gutenberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

TENS Unit ????

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | I was transcribing an inventory this morning and one of the items call out was a "TENS Unit". LOL, I just had to find out what it was; it is a medical electrical device for pain. I learn something new nearly everyday.....

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Finished reading this last night. Excellent book; intricate plot with plenty of action, violence, sex, sexual violence, corporate malfeasance and a surprise ending. I plan to see the movie and get the other two books in the series....

A prayer of repentance for Lent….

Experimental Theology: Litany of Penitence | A prayer of repentance for Lent or anytime actually. When should we not be repenting ? More |  Repentance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,  Metanoia (theology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,  Repentance (theology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tree of Life (the film)

Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?  Tell me, if you have understanding. I watched Tree of Life this evening. This was a profound and very strange movie; one could even say it was profoundly strange. The scenes of Creation, order emerging from Chaos were woven in throughout the film and … Continue reading Tree of Life (the film)

Reading “Dragon Tattoo” ’bout half way through….. I'm a little over half way through this book and I love it ! There is sex, violence, sexual violence, hackers, Nazis, corporate malfeasance all woven into an intricate plot, spanning most of the 20th century into the 21st, about an extended dysfunctional family. Did I miss anything ? What more could you want … Continue reading Reading “Dragon Tattoo” ’bout half way through…..

Artemis: Genome Browser – Wellcome Trust …

Artemis: Genome Browser - Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Genome browsing is not a subject I normally think about. I posted that link to illustrate the serendipty of the Web. I was transcribing an inventory for my work and Artemis Fowl was one of the items called off on the recording. I was not sure of … Continue reading Artemis: Genome Browser – Wellcome Trust …

An article from the blog Experimental Theology…..

Experimental Theology: The Slavery of Death: Part 16, To Destroy the Devil's Work | The author notes here that human institutions and organizations tend to take on a life of their own(like demonic forces....). I would give as an example how corporations are composed of real live people but together they become enslaved by the … Continue reading An article from the blog Experimental Theology…..

Dire Wolf….

The Dire Wolf Project - Dire Wolf, American Alsatian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | This looks like a very cool dog.... More: Dire Wolf - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia