Slowing Down for the Holidays

Slowing Down for the Holidays Really good idea, sounds simple but it's not easy to pull it off.... The word“holiday,” it turns out, is a conflation of the words “holy” and “day.”You can see the root words visually, of course, by simply turning the “i” in holiday into a “y.” And, indeed, the original intention … Continue reading Slowing Down for the Holidays

A Zen approach to information overload…

A Zen approach to information overload..... It may not be very popular to admit, but I think if we are honest most of not only love our increasingly connected life, we also hate it. We do not hate our unprecedented access to information online or the countless ways we can connect with friends, family, and … Continue reading A Zen approach to information overload…

Mountaintop zen….

"The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there." ~Robert M. Pirsig #quotes -- Zen Proverbs (@ZenProverbs)

links for 2009-07-13 Learn about Zen Christian Humanism (tags: books book-list zen christian humanism religion amazon) Christian Zen (tags: books book-list amazon christian zen) Living Water From an Ancient Well (tags: blog blogs religion mysticism christian christianity) The Wisdom Journal (tags: blog reference blogs business lifehacks howto productivity self-improvement tips frugal living lifestyle finances wisdom money)

websites from Idiot’s Guide to Zen Living

Details: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Zen Living, 2nd Edition (The Complete Idiot's Guide) by Gary R. McClain | LibraryThing --- I recently finished this book and here are websites referred to in the book.... As Zen Replaces the Id- Psychology & Zen Buddhism - Daily Zen - DharmaNet home - reading websites from Idiot’s Guide to Zen Living

some interesting searches….

Christians and Buddhists have more in common than is at first obvious; I saved these searches for additional reading as time permits.... buddhist - Google Search Christ and Buddha - Google Search zen - Google Search dharma - Google Search christian zen - Google Search christian dharma - Google Search

some good ideas for living…

10 Tips for Life’s Greatest Challenge: Love Thy Enemy | Zen Habits First item for my morning web surfing ! You can't find much better than this, if there were more articles like this we would have a better web & a better world; and by trying to practice such ideas - even better !